We are opening CPHLabs Food

Opening the 1. September 2023

The new facility is for early-stage food-startups that needs food-lab space to develop their next food product, ingredient, or process.

Are you running an early-stage food-startup that needs food-lab space?

CPHLabs in Symbion, Copenhagen Østerbro may be able to help you

We are opening a new shared lab facility, CPHLabs Food. The new lab facility is for startups working in the food industry needing laboratory space to develop their next food product, ingredient, or process.

Become part of a relevant shared food-lab community

CPHLabs in Symbion, is a shared laboratory where early-stage life science and biotech startups can rent their own space. In the shared lab, startups can for example share equipment. In this way they get access to more equipment than their own. We are now expanding this concept to food-startups as well. 

Facilities and access

In the future new part of CPHLabs, dedicated to the development of food products, ingredients, or processes, we plan to have basis elements as in the existing CPHLabs (see

Content when leasing a space in the shared future food-lab will be:

  • 24 hours access to own dedicates lab-bench in a basic equipped shared laboratory dedicated to doing lab-work with food products, ingredients, and processes.
  • Facilitated sharing of equipment and other resources
  • Access to flex office desk in share co-working area
  • Access to meeting rooms
  • Post, parcel service, internet, and access to printers
  • Free coffee
  • Networking with likeminded food-startups and sparring with Food & Bio Cluster Denmarks consultants located in Symbion

As part of the CPHLabs community you have access to different common shared resources and a valuable network to proceed and develop your business in CPHLabs.

The food-lab is planned to be ready for startups moving in 1. September 2023.

Startups fitting the concept

We believe that startups fitting well into this concept are in the early phase with a need of a food-lab (not a normal kitchen) where they can experiment and test products that need to be test-tased by humans or animals. Startups may work to create new products, processes, or services.

The concept will be developed with input from the collaborator, Food & BioCluster, that can support with incubator environment, courses, events, experts, investors, producers etc. relevant for food-related startups.

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