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We provide lab space, network, office flex-desks, free coffee and a great community to enable you to build and test your next great biotech idea!

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Attention: We have space for more early startups with great ideas in CPHLabs Food. Get more info here.

What’s in it for me?

Dedicated lab space

You’ll get a private bench in a new and modern laboratory, including accompanying amenities. You get access to selected shared equipment, storage, and a community of like-minded lab teams.

Creative freedom

The lab is open 24/7 so you’ll have plenty of time and freedom to experiment with your concept whether you’re a night owl or an early bird.


Unlimited coffee. Need we say more? Oh, and also access to well equipped meeting rooms, professional postal address and a reception within opening hours.

Service add-ons

If you want that extra bling you can also choose to be part of our in-house lunch buffet. If you need more space or privacy you can also get a private office desk.


We offer guidance from our extended network of mentors and specialists. At our Venture Cafés you can meet and spar with cherry-picked experts within business and science.

Central location

You will find the CPHLabs located centrally in Copenhagen Science City, close to both university research facilities and the buzzing biotech environment.


Sharing is caring

Sharing principles

We encourage sharing of equipment and knowledge. If you share some of your equipment others are likely to share too. In this way you get access to more equipment than you can afford.

Community/ Colleagues

You become part of a great community that will inspire, challenge, and help your business start and development. Even if you are a small startup you will have colleagues from day one.

Specialized labs

You can rent a private bench in one of the specialized labs, such as the CPHLabs Food that is for early startups working in the food industry needing space to develop their next food product, ingredient, or process.


Test your hypothesis


Get access to equipment and facilities for synthetic biology and biochemistry experiments. Consumables can be purchased from our partner vendors.

Advisor Network

Discuss your challenges and receive crucial advice from one of the expert advisors in the CPHLabs advisor network

No taking IP or equity

Understand the potential of your project through basic consultation with our IP strategy partners. Your potential invention is 100% your own.

Meet the residents


discovers, develops, and partner innovative microbiome products for plant and food protection


Nuterials wants to create an innovative material from second-generation biomass to produce a sustainable solution for primary packaging


On a mission to make drinking alcohol a healthier experience for everyone


ReefCircular uses shell waste to create 3D printed artificial reefs to restore degraded marine ecosystems and increase marine biodiversity.


Developing dairy alternative products based on plants

Unveil Bio

Offers next generation DNA sequencing services to the R&D industry.


With the latest genomics technologies, we are unlocking the power of microbes for the benefit of our society.

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Frequently asked questions.

Have a burning question? You’ll find most of the answers right here.
Otherwise, just write us at hi@cphlabs.dk

Can I work with pathogenic microorganisms in the lab?2023-07-21T10:15:24+00:00

No, the lab is unfortunately not suitable or equipped for working with pathogenic microorganisms.

Can I work with GMO?2022-11-24T12:13:51+00:00

CPHLabs is not set up for GMO use. It is however something we hope to integrate in the future.

Is the lab food safe?2023-07-24T08:58:29+00:00

Yes, if you’re planning on conducting food research, e.g. food processes or food development you can do it in the part of our facility designated CPHLabs Food. That area is dedicated to food-startups and is the place where you can work if you’re planning on eating or tasting something you made. If you want to produce and sell food CPHLabs Food is not the place.

Can I bring my own equipment?2022-11-24T12:14:25+00:00

Yes, you can! You decide sovereignly what you want to keep on your own bench. If you’re planning on bringing large equipment that does not fit your lab bench, be sure to talk with the Head of CPHLabs beforehand.

Who is in charge of the lab?2022-11-24T12:14:47+00:00

The Head of CPHLabs is Lotte Munch Lambertsen. Contact her at lml@symbion.dk

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