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Lotte Munch Lambertsen

CPHLabs Lab Manager

Peter Løvschall

Innovation Program Manager at KU

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Built by a strong

CPHLabs is the product of strong partnerships. Our experience has revealed that it takes a wide variety of expertise to create and maintain such a lab and we are open to new partners joining the fold.

Københavns Universitet

Frequently asked questions.

Have a burning question? You’ll find most of the answers right here.
Otherwise, just write us at  hi@cphlabs.dk

Can I work with GMO?2022-11-24T12:13:51+00:00

CPHLabs is not set up for GMO use. It is however something we hope to integrate in the future.

Is the lab food safe?2022-10-03T13:59:12+00:00

Yes, if you’re planning on conducting food research, e.g. food processes or food development you can do it in CPHLabs. If you’re planning on eating or tasting something you have produced in CPHLabs, distributing and selling food produced in CPHLabs. CPHLabs is not the place.

Can I bring my own equipment?2022-11-24T12:14:25+00:00

Yes, you can! You decide sovereignly what you want to keep on your own bench. If you’re planning on bringing large equipment that does not fit your lab bench, be sure to talk with the Head of CPHLabs beforehand.

Who is in charge of the lab?2022-11-24T12:14:47+00:00

The Head of CPHLabs is Lotte Munch Lambertsen. Contact her at lml@symbion.dk

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